Advisor Tools

We love to partner with professional advisors as they work with clients to achieve their charitable goals.

We understand your clients have unique interests and passions, and we have many resources to offer as you assess their charitable objectives. Philanthropy is our specialty, and we offer you assistance while you retain control of your client relationship.

In addition to offering planning resources, Foundation staff members assist with the transfer of assets, handle the record keeping and reporting, process the grants, perform the due diligence to verify eligibility of grant recipients and provide your client with quarterly statements and acknowledgments of gifts and grants.

If you would like to receive sample documents or discuss charitable giving options, please contact our office.

The philanthropic conversation

Clients view their professional advisors as experts on matters of financial planning, taxes, real estate and business. Did you know many also look to them for advice on matters of charitable giving?  A 2013 study by the Philanthropic Initiative found that only 47% of clients feel professional advisors are successfully initiating the charitable giving conversation. The topic of charitable giving can be delicate, but here are a few ideas for broaching the subject:

  • “I know you are very supportive of [organization or program, e.g., the local soup kitchen, your church, your alma mater] . . . Would you like to continue your support through your estate plan?”
  • “Are you making charitable gifts now that you would like to continue after your death?”
  • “Have you considered what would happen to your assets if your spouse or children do not survive you? Would you like any of your assets passed on to a charity, rather than to a distant relative?”